Hope – a catastrophe

Hoping for someone who hope for someone else,, can be catastrophic for emotional and psychological state of mind,, or hoping for things to happen differently fir the events that are happening right now just devoid us from what life is offering,,

It will make us to live in a never-ending , disturbing wait with an illusion of having possitive attitude in the form of Hope,

Hope is more dangerous than expectations, for peace of mind ,though it’s always associated with it, but it’s effect is quite delusional as in the wait of life to start, we keep on waiting for life to start till it’s end ,

So Before you Hope , just think what you are hoping,,

Can Worst be Managed?

What if things I wish for, won’t happen,

What if again some unknown hurdle shows up ,

What if things get worse ,

What if all the hopes again dash into ground,

Through all these fears and insecurities,

I think, what will be worst case scenario!,

Will it be so hard to live with it,

Or it’s just imagination that is creating all the furore,

No matter what, Life goes on,

And I think even worst of worse also gets managed on its own,,

Real worst is the present life with imagination of future’s bad omen,,

As when the future will be present maybe all of these fears won’t even matter,

But thoughts of upcoming future will be overcasting our minds,

If we continue living with this thought,

How will we live if our fears will become real,,,,

Important is , not to think about them,,

Planning or Acceptance!!

So often I encountered the question ❓

What I really want ❓

As much it’s hard to resolve this equation,

That much often I face this situation,

Is life meant to be planned?

Or it just need to be accepted?

Is life been already designed?

Or we need to learn skills to design it?

It’s mysterious,

It’s disturbing,

Still its unable to hold on to one notion!

Sometimes it flows in our favour,

Sometimes it uncover totally different picture,

That’s why our perceptions swings,

Encoding happiness and peace with different strings,

From planning to just mere accepting it,

Is it all the mind game ❓

As it doesn’t want to live disturbed for long,

So it plans when it’s spring time,

And then in harsh times , it resolves to just accept what’s offered,

It takes time to switch it’s stint,

And it happens so often,

Thus it’s effects keep changing with time,

From disturbing me earlier,

To making me think now,,

Asking this question ❓

Is life meant to be accepted ❓

Or I need to plan it❓

©Sanjay Ranout

Fears of mind – what ,why , and are they really worth??

When we think, why we are ignoring our instincts  ? Why are we not following our instincts? The only answer you will have is the fear, in actual lot of fears in our mind that are holding us back to take that first step.

Fear of people’s perception about us , if it’s good, then we are afraid of taking that step as we think it may get changed to something negative.

Fear of acceptance by our own near and dear ones. Fear of living in insecurity etc.

But I think the real thing is not fear but your own self belief and confidence on yourself.

Ever you think what will happen even if it goes wrong , nothing will actually change outside as people’s perception itself is temporary and full of their own self motives .

But it will change a lot inside you. It will change what you think about yourself. You will first time realise that it’s real you who is breathing in your body.

And I think that’s first step and only step you need to take to drive away all your fears. Fear itself is a worry about something that may happen but it hasn’t yet happened.

People’s perception changes with time and your position till the time you will continue living upto their perception of being right and still you can’t make all happy as all have different perspectives again.

But once you start being yourself ,your self outlook will be permanent and people will start thinking that can they really  make a wrong perception about you. It’s tough in the start but once you become fearless life is simple and clear .

Above everything you will be at peace with yourself

© Sanjay Ranout