Green days,,,

Thoughts of those green days,

Memories still well placed,,

Deep inside somewhere,

Don’t know the address of them,

Yet i feel their presence,

Sometimes somewhere,

So deep , and so innocent,

And i just dive deeper,

Living those moments,

Again and again,

Untill they make me insane,,,,

©Sanjay Ranout


It’s the middle of the day,

Restless mind getting fray,

Unknown quest to nowhere,

Ended with frustrated stare,,

It’s the middle of night,

Mind is still running blind,

To find object of its quest,

By putting different subjects to test,

Yet it couldn’t get any result,,,

It enters now insomniac state,

Yet thinking of one last quest,

And here it made an another attempt,

Soon it will be another dawn,

And it will decide to stop this quant,

Will tomorrow be different?

Or it will continue this stint?

And here the day ends with these questions?

©Sanjay Ranout

Hope – a catastrophe

Hoping for someone who hope for someone else,, can be catastrophic for emotional and psychological state of mind,, or hoping for things to happen differently fir the events that are happening right now just devoid us from what life is offering,,

It will make us to live in a never-ending , disturbing wait with an illusion of having possitive attitude in the form of Hope,

Hope is more dangerous than expectations, for peace of mind ,though it’s always associated with it, but it’s effect is quite delusional as in the wait of life to start, we keep on waiting for life to start till it’s end ,

So Before you Hope , just think what you are hoping,,


Walking alone with grim and sad face,

In unknown direction with no destination,

With Lots of varied churning thoughts ,

To which there isn’t any particular description,

No straight reason ,

Nothing mysterious to decipher,

Sometimes likewise I find myself,

Lost in melancholy,,,

© Sanjay Ranout