Holding down to time

Hold it dear ,

Time is near,

This is what we want to hear,

It should go the direction we steer,

And then everything starts to appear,

Oh! It’s different than what I thought of,

There was no hint of it in my imagination stock,

Is it good or bad?

It it better or worse ?

So whether to doubt my imagination,

Or cry over this different shade of appearance,

Our mind revolves round the clock,

Judging all those imagined thoughts,

And then it’s the time,

And we are facing it,

Whether we like or not,

Whether we adapt or not,

It’s not what we think is all about,,

The real picture is wider,

And we start feeling like an outsider,

This life doesn’t belong to me,

And I don’t belong to it,

Mind is not ready to give up,

Taking us deeper in its illusive world,

And life goes on,

Non-acceptance of real things,

Accepting of all illusive propositions,

And we start life beyond the reality,

Lost in another world where there is no insecurity,

So should we continue or quit this world,

Think more and you will get into deeper quagmire,,

©Sanjay Ranout

What are you made of????

When I think what actually make us,

As we evolve wherever our thoughts take us,

What’s the reason for this transformation,

How we get moved only to particular information,

Well, when time test us,

When life really feel like mess,

When we feel like somewhere we are stuck,

When our feelings, feel like got deject,

When we feel we have become an unimportant guest,

And our existence doesn’t matter to what we have devoted our every breath,

And there always exist a gloomy haze whenever we look ahead,

It means we are under some real test,

As I learn from all these phases of life,

Passing or failure isn’t required out of this fight,

Sometimes it means to test our faith,

Sometimes it means to transform our present state,

Sometimes it push us in some illusions,

When we err to understand it’s actual reasons,

But it doesn’t leave us with our misunderstood meanings,

It repeat such tests again and again,

Untill we get ourselves with it in same frame,

Sometimes it lead us to leave what we were thinking as our own,

Clearing all those presumptions which were forming illusions,

Sometimes it strengthen our hold with stronger faith,

Satisfying itself for our determined undoubted basis of our state,

Till now this is what I have understood,

And it will keep transforming and testing for something better and good,,,,

©Sanjay Ranout

Callous? Really?

Once again it has finally ended,

And now journey back to other world started,

This time it was filled with shocking surprises,

Calling for emotions to wake up and run high,

Some expect anxiety over my face,

Some expect few tears would be also nice,

There I stayed with calm exterior looks,

Battled out most as usual in my interiors,

And then it spread out dejected expressions ,

Every face shouts silently my changed behavior,

Callous or insensitive,

Whatever it effects, still faces all over,
Expressing ,it wasn’t what they expecting,

Well, how to change those looks,

Meet expectations of what different times expect,

Does those made up looks really required?,

Or those expectations are okay to be ignored,

And living with “Callous” tag can be gracefully bestowed,,

©Sanjay Ranout

It’s been a long time like that

It’s been a long time,

Since It got started,

And since then to it ,

A lot of dreams have been emparted,

Oceans of wishes have been evolved,

Rivers of fantasies have been flowed,

A life in imagination have been lived,

A lot of hardships have been tilled,,

And still in reality it still seems so still,,

Imagination or reality got so mixed,

Have become one life which need to be fixed,,

How to fix and make it one?

And get the things moving from where they are stuck,,

A lot of thoughts and ideas,

But some one else has all contol to steer,

Its frustrating ,it’s desparating,,

It’s fateful employed caging,

Churning minds and its peace ,

And giving no signs of getting ceased,

I don’t know everytime how so easily it get lease,,

Patience is put on the show of absurd tease,

I don’t know what I should know,

Whoever is towing , I can only let him tow,,,,

© Sanjay Ranout