Walking alone with grim and sad face,

In unknown direction with no destination,

With Lots of varied churning thoughts ,

To which there isn’t any particular description,

No straight reason ,

Nothing mysterious to decipher,

Sometimes likewise I find myself,

Lost in melancholy,,,

© Sanjay Ranout

Being Single…..

Like a solo traveller ,

Travelling alone all dimensions of life,,

Like a loner,

Taking myself on dates,

Like a grizzly,

Wandering alone in the woods,

Like a monk,

Looking for peaceful place in nature,

Like a manic,

Dancing alone on my own tunes,

Like a king of my heart,

Following the trails of inner callings,

Like an outcast,

Becoming unaware of social norms,

Like a nomadic,

Never stop travelling inside me,

Being single for a long,,

And not hoping for someone to walk along ,

Oh ! My life just go on ,,,,

Now It no more hurts,

It no more bothers ,

No more thinkings and presumptions,

Just do whatever you want,

Take all the honours,,

©Sanjay Ranout