Wandering Heart

Humans have mind and heart,

And following mind fits well in beginning,

Things change with vision

When we start feeling every season,

And then there comes injection of hormones,

And we get into a new world of realm,

Going through tides and ebbs,

Things which make us feel like heaven,

And sometimes declare our life worthless,

It’s through these delicacy and roughs,

We learn what’s worth to matter us,

Heart or mind it doesn’t matter,

Finally where we sets our camp,

Is the start of journey ,

We embark on this life

Sooner or later it doesn’t matter,

We reach our ends as much we stay on course,

On path we decides ,

On course we admires

Being human ,

It’s all about feelings and emotions,

That decide our lives,

If we dare to follow ,

If we dare to stay,

If we dare to have faith,

It’s heart , only heart make us feel more human,

© Sanjay Ranout

Today is important

What will happen tomorrow,

Or day after tomorrow,,

Who knows the future,

Who can tell the upcoming story,,

It’s all mystery,,

No one has any clue,

Still we prefer to live in its imagination,

What if it turns out to be in our favour,

What if it comes out with a different narrative,,

Fear of different than our propositions,

Excitement of facing favourable conditions,

And In this thinking process,

Leaving the whole action happening right now,

The magic of living right now,

Today is the real life happening for us,

Today is the magic that should be exciting us,

Everything else is just an imagination,

©Sanjay Ranout

Happy Holi to everyone

Holi is a festival in Hindu religion, also known as “festival of Colors”, it depicts the truth about life i.e. life is colorful and we should feel blessed to have seen as much colors it splashes in our life,,,

Mainly it started with Lord Krishna ‘s way of celebrating the festival with his friends and make everyone experience how joyful it would be with different colors, like it make our faces so attractive splashed with different colors, that is how life becomes as much attractive with different colors,,

It also depicts Lord Krishna’s one of ways to celebrate the love in our life with his lover, and it’s a part of greatest love story in Indian mythology,,

So to forget every sorrow we beholds, and immerse ourselves in different colors with immense joy and love,,

May everyone ‘s life gets filled with colors of love and joy,,