Know yourself and Define yourself

“It doesn’t matter what others have in their mind about you,, because the best person who know yourself is you only, know yourself and Define it to the world,,, being different may lead to social criticism at first , but then more you get to rub against ,, more you shine as your true self.”

Being aware

We need self awareness more than being aware of world around,, to make the world inside us beautiful first ,, and then that beauty will start outpouring by its own to make the world around us beautiful,”

Love – Define or understand it!!

Love ,, what is love!

Ask anybody and he will give his verse,

So what is actually this love is,

Everyone knows it’s kind of emotion,

Also it can be root of all the emotions,

Every feeling buds from it,

Well I feel love can’t be defined really,

And being loved can make it us understand deeply,

How we feel being loved,

Isn’t that develop our own verse,,

And still we define it otherwise ,

How we expect to be loved,

And make it more logical term,

But if we think we know it better,

Logics has nothing to do with love ever,

Isn’t we get happy or sad the way we are loved,,