Can you hear it??

Hello! Hello!

Do you hear it?

Its calling aloud,

It’s shouting around,,

Saying a lot without making a sound,,

Hello ! Hello!

Did you listen to it?

It told the same a long before,

Tried to get inside your core,

Piercing its way through even small pores,,,

Hello ! Hello!

It’s okay if you didn’t hear it before,

It will recite it’s hymn once more,

And again if you don’t understand,

Untill it finally find a place to land,

Inside the depths of open spaces,

You always keep reserve for your aces,

And then you will live it,

You will love it,

You will take it wherever you go,

In this life ‘s flow

@Sanjay Ranout

Best kind of getting high

Getting high ,higher and so on,

Flying in sky of liberating thoughts,

Rowing in River of peaceful mind tingling,

Loosing in sounds which also close our eyes ,

Dancing on music giving carefree joy,

Living the feelings which imparts smile,
I feel getting such high is of highest order,

Isn’t it,,,,,

©Sanjay Ranout