Wandering Soul…..

In this imaginary world

Nothing is worth to hold

Floating clouds and water drops

Moving along the wind flow

Up and down

Left to right

It’s everywhere in sight

Still we try to catch and hold

Some moments , some memories

In our feelings store

Wandering through extreme ends

Sending signals to amend

Things that didn’t work

Mistakes that didn’t confer

It’s still going its own way

What to do and what to say

Wandering souls continue in this fray,,,,

©Sanjay Ranout

If I was….

What if I was a tree!

You must be a wine around me,

What if I was a stone,

You must be green algae living on me,

What if I was an abode,

You must be the only occupant in there,

What if I was a desert land,

You must be the wind blowing over me,

What if I was a mountain,

You must be the snow over me,

What if I was a river,

You must be a boat sailing over me,

What if I was a valley,

You must be seasonal flower existing over me,

What if ! Can be anything,

But you are never permanent,

Neither you nor your words,

Still I carry them along with full worth,

It’s not you, who is special,a

Oh dear! It’s my heart who should get all the credit,

©Sanjay Ranout

Happy Holi to everyone

Holi is a festival in Hindu religion, also known as “festival of Colors”, it depicts the truth about life i.e. life is colorful and we should feel blessed to have seen as much colors it splashes in our life,,,

Mainly it started with Lord Krishna ‘s way of celebrating the festival with his friends and make everyone experience how joyful it would be with different colors, like it make our faces so attractive splashed with different colors, that is how life becomes as much attractive with different colors,,

It also depicts Lord Krishna’s one of ways to celebrate the love in our life with his lover, and it’s a part of greatest love story in Indian mythology,,

So to forget every sorrow we beholds, and immerse ourselves in different colors with immense joy and love,,

May everyone ‘s life gets filled with colors of love and joy,,