Journey into blind pathways

When it has started,

And where it’s heading to,

Unknown and never disclosed,

Wines everywhere around,

Tangling feet with every step forward,

Pushing , pulling from all directions,

Thorns of bushes scratching the skin,

Still the journey has to go on,

Leaving the only way forward,

Closing the way back by forming cross gates,

And leaving the confusion around,

Ignoring the demons of confusion,

And following the path of instincts,

This journey into dark,

Scratching, bruises and fears,

Emotions running high and dry,

Irritating, hurting and confusing,

To no visible end in sight,

This is journey into dark wild,

© Sanjay Ranout


Freedom is what we feel outside with respect to things inside us ,which want to come out and breath in fresh air, nurture develop and make us known for them ,,, so the extent of success in this aspect defines the degree of freedom we really have”

We own nothing ,,

Is it yours or mine?

Nobody knows ,,,

Yet everyone tries to find,,

In this constant dearth ,

Never ending tussle,

Offerings of puzzles to mind ,

Thoughts start fighting wars in hind,

But why this all matters ,

And why there lies an apprise to biggest getter,

Why we want to own more,

Claim even others’ stores,

When nothing is really going to matter,

As there are no winners ever in these battles,

It illusive and attractive,

And it’s really very addictive,

Sit! Think ! Just think!

Does it really matter!!!

© Sanjay Ranout