Freedom is what we feel outside with respect to things inside us ,which want to come out and breath in fresh air, nurture develop and make us known for them ,,, so the extent of success in this aspect defines the degree of freedom we really have”

Best kind of getting high

Getting high ,higher and so on,

Flying in sky of liberating thoughts,

Rowing in River of peaceful mind tingling,

Loosing in sounds which also close our eyes ,

Dancing on music giving carefree joy,

Living the feelings which imparts smile,
I feel getting such high is of highest order,

Isn’t it,,,,,

©Sanjay Ranout

Holding down to time

Hold it dear ,

Time is near,

This is what we want to hear,

It should go the direction we steer,

And then everything starts to appear,

Oh! It’s different than what I thought of,

There was no hint of it in my imagination stock,

Is it good or bad?

It it better or worse ?

So whether to doubt my imagination,

Or cry over this different shade of appearance,

Our mind revolves round the clock,

Judging all those imagined thoughts,

And then it’s the time,

And we are facing it,

Whether we like or not,

Whether we adapt or not,

It’s not what we think is all about,,

The real picture is wider,

And we start feeling like an outsider,

This life doesn’t belong to me,

And I don’t belong to it,

Mind is not ready to give up,

Taking us deeper in its illusive world,

And life goes on,

Non-acceptance of real things,

Accepting of all illusive propositions,

And we start life beyond the reality,

Lost in another world where there is no insecurity,

So should we continue or quit this world,

Think more and you will get into deeper quagmire,,

©Sanjay Ranout

A wave of thoughts

It’s been a while,

It was thinking otherwise,

And now it’s again riding on same old tide,

Flying higher with it’s heights,

And feeling pleasant while surfing those past imagined sights,

Everything looks possible again,

Again after such scorching heat, it seems like it’s about to rain,,

And soon I will be splashing around its water,

Dancing in it’s joy and party harder,

It’s strange how these waves come and go,

Riding without a break to and fro,

Just like that all our thoughts grow ,

Like these waves in our mind they continue their flow,

And it take us along whichever way they go,

Some make us sad and some imparts a joyous glow,

I wonder how these waves enslaves our happiness,

Ruling our life like an autocrat empress,

Isn’t it better to watch them from shore,

And letting them show up what they are having for us in it’s store,

I don’t know what’s right and what is wrong,

But I wonder when I think ,how these waves decides for us our life’s song,,,

©Sanjay Ranout