Finding meanings

So it’s not about what we wish to have,

And things we mostly adore,

Its about what we have got,

And find out the reason why we have them.”

© Sanjay Ranout

Understanding vs Judgement

Let’s start with one quote which I disagree,,, but still it prevails strongly always

First impression is last impression

So with one look, one talk, one moment,, and you are being evaluated by other person,, He make his perception about you which he thinks is more accurate than even your own about yourself.

This quote is not actually said by anyone, this is just developed by calculative human mind ,, and no one has to make any effort to follow it,, it’s always working inside us,,

This is called most established form of judgement ,, judgement by the weight of it’s meaning seems to be most difficult task ,, but here its easiest. Because this judgement isn’t based on knowledge about other person,, this is only based on level of our own awareness about any aspect and lot of prejudices which may or may not be actually existing other side,,,,

Understanding seems so simple, by just listening this word we feel calm , relaxed. But it’s most difficult and thus it’s practiced by least ,,

The main reason which I feel is,, we are more concerned to what we know, how we see this world, how we wish things should be,, and to us it’s the best form of existence. That is why we often judge a person by just one look, one talk,,,,” because we are not trying to know what other person thinks,, but we are just confirming if he thinks alike us or not“.

And it’s hard for most of human mind to accept that their philosophy is not best. And in this way we inside start feeling a type of invisible competition around us and then a silent battle to prove ours is best.

I think important is to accept the difference, to accept the different colors of world, to accept that this world isn’t made of one species ,one color,, the different perspectives, impressions , colors , species is what make it beautiful, awesome.

In the same way important is to accept different ideologies are important to make the life an exciting journey with different experiences , their effects,, and interesting ways to forward.

And for that we need understanding aspect to be more prevalent than judgemental,,

,©Sanjay Ranout