Wandering Heart

Humans have mind and heart,

And following mind fits well in beginning,

Things change with vision

When we start feeling every season,

And then there comes injection of hormones,

And we get into a new world of realm,

Going through tides and ebbs,

Things which make us feel like heaven,

And sometimes declare our life worthless,

It’s through these delicacy and roughs,

We learn what’s worth to matter us,

Heart or mind it doesn’t matter,

Finally where we sets our camp,

Is the start of journey ,

We embark on this life

Sooner or later it doesn’t matter,

We reach our ends as much we stay on course,

On path we decides ,

On course we admires

Being human ,

It’s all about feelings and emotions,

That decide our lives,

If we dare to follow ,

If we dare to stay,

If we dare to have faith,

It’s heart , only heart make us feel more human,

© Sanjay Ranout


Walking alone with grim and sad face,

In unknown direction with no destination,

With Lots of varied churning thoughts ,

To which there isn’t any particular description,

No straight reason ,

Nothing mysterious to decipher,

Sometimes likewise I find myself,

Lost in melancholy,,,

© Sanjay Ranout

Address the inner battles

When the battles inside take over mental peace,

I leave settlement upon time,

And then time doesn’t heal by itself,

As time shifts the battles from one to another,

So how does the peace restore,

Maybe peace lies in preventing this chain reaction of battles even to get started ,,,

©Sanjay Ranout

Again and Again

Holding myself once again,

To check for her if she came online,

Despite of knowing it already,

Still heart want to make another try,

Sometimes it settles down in few attempts,

Sometimes it continue for hours trying every minute,

Building a castle of glass ,

Cemented with almighty hope,

And then feeling of getting dashed down everything,

Hurting itself when it ends up in nothing,

And yet again repeating the same next day,

Building and breaking endlessly again and again,

Sometimes I think how amazing the heart is,

How much important every feeling is,

How everything else just become worthless,

How it become the only important thing,

Is it same with everyone,

Or I m the only one, insane,

Whatever , whatever,,,,

With all dreams and their pain,

It just never want to give up,

And keep trying again and again,

Endlessly, insanely, illogically,,,

Repeating it everyday ,

Again and again,,,,

© Sanjay Ranout