Never ending wait for life to happen

It’s time to wait for the time,

Living with this thought in mind,

I realise time has never asked me to wait,

Neither it’s asking now,

I am waiting for things to happen and then life will start,

But life never stopped same as time,

Both stop only once and that’s the final breath,

I think it’s always the time to live the life we have now ,,

Know yourself and Define yourself

“It doesn’t matter what others have in their mind about you,, because the best person who know yourself is you only, know yourself and Define it to the world,,, being different may lead to social criticism at first , but then more you get to rub against ,, more you shine as your true self.”

Being aware

We need self awareness more than being aware of world around,, to make the world inside us beautiful first ,, and then that beauty will start outpouring by its own to make the world around us beautiful,”

Happy Holi to everyone

Holi is a festival in Hindu religion, also known as “festival of Colors”, it depicts the truth about life i.e. life is colorful and we should feel blessed to have seen as much colors it splashes in our life,,,

Mainly it started with Lord Krishna ‘s way of celebrating the festival with his friends and make everyone experience how joyful it would be with different colors, like it make our faces so attractive splashed with different colors, that is how life becomes as much attractive with different colors,,

It also depicts Lord Krishna’s one of ways to celebrate the love in our life with his lover, and it’s a part of greatest love story in Indian mythology,,

So to forget every sorrow we beholds, and immerse ourselves in different colors with immense joy and love,,

May everyone ‘s life gets filled with colors of love and joy,,

We own nothing ,,

Is it yours or mine?

Nobody knows ,,,

Yet everyone tries to find,,

In this constant dearth ,

Never ending tussle,

Offerings of puzzles to mind ,

Thoughts start fighting wars in hind,

But why this all matters ,

And why there lies an apprise to biggest getter,

Why we want to own more,

Claim even others’ stores,

When nothing is really going to matter,

As there are no winners ever in these battles,

It illusive and attractive,

And it’s really very addictive,

Sit! Think ! Just think!

Does it really matter!!!

© Sanjay Ranout

Best kind of getting high

Getting high ,higher and so on,

Flying in sky of liberating thoughts,

Rowing in River of peaceful mind tingling,

Loosing in sounds which also close our eyes ,

Dancing on music giving carefree joy,

Living the feelings which imparts smile,
I feel getting such high is of highest order,

Isn’t it,,,,,

©Sanjay Ranout