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Proud of my heart ,,no matter what

No matter what happened,

Or what is going to happen,

You were the one ,

Taking tolls of turmoil ,

one after another,

And never let me suspect my faith,

Backed even those rosy imaginations,

No matter what how much unrealistic,

How much weird they were,

How much far from reality of this world,

You kept me floating,

Through those high tides ,

When all ebbs and flows were trying hard,

To drown me ,,

No matter what how much is reality,

Of all the imagined world i could make up,

Still proud of you freak,

You pushed me to limits ,

I could never have imagined to cross,

You set me up for those blind tours,

I made out of all that freaking ideas ,

Of getting away from world,

And that made world out of me,,

No matter what are consequences,

I still have a great proud ,

To follow the freaking path,

U led me through,,

©Sanjay Ranout


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