Faith in process

Waiting for that day,

Making it believe that way,

Like it might have been longer Autumn,

Last of leaves might have fallen,

Storms of winters may be taking away new buds,

Making it their habit to Repeat their wrath,

Even after that trees are still standing tall,

Roots are Holding the ground tight,

Sooner or later storms have to give up,

And give way for spring to come up,

And let those buds to bloom,

Hoping it the way it is used to goes on,

Nature has its way to tell us to hold on,

Hope and believe strengthen our faith,

Sooner or later it happens ,no matter what it takes,,

©Sanjay Ranout

Haywire or Maywire

When you were last in control,

I forgot that day if ever existed at all,

You were always on your own,

And I was proposing you to go my way,

You never bothered what I say,

And it wasn’t meant to go in my way,

And then I realised to let it go in its own way,

Let’s sit back and enjoy the ride,

Wherever it takes me,

Wherever it want me to stay,

Maybe it’s the place meant for me,

Maybe that’s the way it had to be,

Maybe that’s the path where peace lies,

Maybe it’s the real meaning of life,,

©Sanjay Ranout

Roar of Sky

A wonder among the wonders,

Blinking in the form of thunders,

One after another strikes ,

Lightening all over the sky,

Maybe it will pour bigger,

As clouds presenting dark figures,

Isn’t it an exciting hue,

Little scary yet a beautiful view,

Thunders are rumbling harder now,

Making our heartbeats a bit louder,

Exciting our body with its roar,,

©Sanjay Ranout

End of tunnel

If I could see,

If I could know,

If I could understand,

When this tunnel is going to end,

I have heard there is light beyond it,

It open up into bright white,

It makes everything visible to our sight,

Ending our journey through dark as night,

It opens a colourful world to our eyes,

Give reality to all of our imaginations,

Ends our wait filled with endless frustrations,

Ends the fray of keep walking on assumptions,

Gives Validation to our hopes,

And our faith gets a deserving win,

I heard it somewhere,

There is light at end of tunnel,

I wish I could know when will it end,

© Sanjay Ranout

Sleep!!! Sleep!!!

Once again, It’s call for midnight,

Only nocturnals are left upright,

Yet another awake night,

Inner voices are calling to sleep,

It’s been an hour or more,

My eyelids have been in perfect lock,

But it’s the mind who holds the control,

It’s wandering about every aspect it got across,

Like it’s going to end all confusions tonight,

Like it’s the only time to plan everything right,

Like right now only, it can see the clear picture,

Like these moments are going to be very crucial for my future,

Making the wines out of every event happened today,

Taking me in and out of this imagination fray,

It’s strange how it’s the most difficult thing to restrain,,

And yet we make efforts to take whole world under our rein,

Call it important or just insomania,

Still it teaches some real aspects we ignore,

It’s our mind who holds power over all outer cores,

And it’s only responsible for every moment we live in disturbed state,,,

©Sanjay Ranout

Fears of mind – what ,why , and are they really worth??

When we think, why we are ignoring our instincts  ? Why are we not following our instincts? The only answer you will have is the fear, in actual lot of fears in our mind that are holding us back to take that first step.

Fear of people’s perception about us , if it’s good, then we are afraid of taking that step as we think it may get changed to something negative.

Fear of acceptance by our own near and dear ones. Fear of living in insecurity etc.

But I think the real thing is not fear but your own self belief and confidence on yourself.

Ever you think what will happen even if it goes wrong , nothing will actually change outside as people’s perception itself is temporary and full of their own self motives .

But it will change a lot inside you. It will change what you think about yourself. You will first time realise that it’s real you who is breathing in your body.

And I think that’s first step and only step you need to take to drive away all your fears. Fear itself is a worry about something that may happen but it hasn’t yet happened.

People’s perception changes with time and your position till the time you will continue living upto their perception of being right and still you can’t make all happy as all have different perspectives again.

But once you start being yourself ,your self outlook will be permanent and people will start thinking that can they really  make a wrong perception about you. It’s tough in the start but once you become fearless life is simple and clear .

Above everything you will be at peace with yourself

© Sanjay Ranout

Meanings for Moments

I can feel but I don’t know it,

This moment has something in it,

I can perceive it but can’t see it,

What for all this is meant,

With every thought pouring in,

Making my mind wander around,

It’s confusing, it’s painful,,

When one doesn’t know which direction to head,

Flowing like a log of wood,

In a river having lot of heads,

Bending and dividing at every mile,

Don’t know when it will reach its end,

How longer is this path, it has headed on,,

When will it resolve all the suspense,

More I think, more it delays ,

When is that right time,

When will it tell it’s reasons,

This moment or next,

Only moment knows the best,

It keep everything to its behest,

I think , I perceive ,,

Wander without getting any answers,

Still it has got its reasons,

And I know it won’t tell me straight,

And will make me to leave everything to its fate,,

©Sanjay Ranout

Dark Times

It was all okay yesterday,

What happened to this day,

Suddenly everything seems so empty,

So dark around,

Is it again time for new moon?

Again ,will their be wait for light?

The Sun has set for today,

And its total black out,

It will come back again tomorrow,

But till then I have to walk through this dark ,

And dark may make me feel it longer for day to rise,

Still thinking a lot won’t make it rise before time,

And distracting thoughts may tend to injure me,

I may head to wrong direction in confusion ,

What can I do then,

Maybe I will handle it better than past,

Such dark Times has got some meaning ,

Still we tend to destabilize in their handling,

I think the best thing is to be calm,

Wait for day to rise,

And dark to fade ,

I will set course again ,

This is what the best I have learnt ,

These dark Times will recur,

Maybe they will teach itself in every appearance,

How to handle them in best chance,,

© Sanjay Ranout


Best judgement lies with us

It starts with a self creation exposed to the world,

With mind blowing thoughts of getting applause,

Daydreaming about it to be considered as best,

And start feeling wonderful before that come to their behest,

And then few of them liked it,

With beautiful comments of praise and appreciation,

And few of them disregarded it,.

With some criticism and exploration of faults in its creation,

Oh! What has happened!

Everything suddenly starts feeling so bad,

And joyous heart suddenly become sad,

Thoughts starts pouring in and out,

Sharing it with world was biggest mistake,

Is it so bad ?

What has really made them to hate,

Thus world isn’t fair ,

It’s so bad to be here,,

That’s how we ignore good things,

Shifting focus on even if one bad thing come in,

We ignore there are still people who like us,

Why we need authentication of everyone,

Truth is one only we knows best about ourselves,

No-one can know us better than ourselves,

Be yourself with confidence and care free about people’s perceptions

You are unique and so is your creation,

Then why other should hold the key to our happiness or sadness ?

When best judgement lies only with us !!!

© Sanjay Ranout

A question – Still or Changed!!

When I say everything is still same,

Unmoved, freezed ,still as usual ,

Is it really so?

Or I am just looking for changes in things I think matters me most!

And am I ignoring the changes happening everyday in other aspects!

A question to myself and answer is obvious,

A lot is changing with life and time,

And i ignore all of them just because there is no progess in thing ,I think matter most,,

And then to say that everything is same ,still,,,

Does it really matters to keep saying that,

Or we need to see the changes in toto,,

Well this thought has came to my mind and now I think I am ready to see all the changes that has happened,,

Has it happened with you too?

Ask yourself if you feel like!!

©Sanjay Ranout