The Times to forget and remember!

Do we need to remember it!

Or forget it!

But Once it will be over,

We’ll have a lot to figure out,

Unprecedented for few generations,

High times for unseen lows,

Confusions and chaos around,

Everywhere its calling to find more solutions,

Somewhere it’s seen as crisis,

Sometimes as nature’s reminder,

Maybe it’s an wide awakening call

That anytime life can stall,

Still we have hope ,

Passaging through this dark phase,

There is light at other side of tunnel,

A lot will be remembered,

A lot will be needed to forget,

How strange life can be,

Appearing in such strange tests,,

©Sanjay Ranout

Life’s flow

Flowing and flowing,

Sometimes like calm river,

Sometimes jammed sever,

Sometimes flash flooded,

Unstoppable and undeterred,

Sometimes Passing through valley of flowers,

Sometimes piercing through scorching deserts,

Sometimes falling over vertical cliffs,

Enriching it’s journey with varied experiences,,

Sometimes narrowing its size through narrow canyons,

Sometimes widening its presence to maximum in the plains,

It’s a journey which never stops midway,

And finally Ends it’s existence in it’s destined bay,

It’s harsh,it’s smooth,

It’s painful and also pleasure in its route,,

Such is the life’s flow,,

It has always much more to show,,

©Sanjay Ranout

Happy Holi to everyone

Holi is a festival in Hindu religion, also known as “festival of Colors”, it depicts the truth about life i.e. life is colorful and we should feel blessed to have seen as much colors it splashes in our life,,,

Mainly it started with Lord Krishna ‘s way of celebrating the festival with his friends and make everyone experience how joyful it would be with different colors, like it make our faces so attractive splashed with different colors, that is how life becomes as much attractive with different colors,,

It also depicts Lord Krishna’s one of ways to celebrate the love in our life with his lover, and it’s a part of greatest love story in Indian mythology,,

So to forget every sorrow we beholds, and immerse ourselves in different colors with immense joy and love,,

May everyone ‘s life gets filled with colors of love and joy,,


Before I sign off from this world,

I wonder what will be in my mind,

What will be my feelings at that time,

Being human, was I enough kind!

Or I left humanity someway behind!

Did I returned enough for gains!

Or did I put everything in disdain!

Did I rose enough from initial lane!

Or I wandered around in vain!

I wonder what will be actually accounted for!

And what will be worthy no more!

I may rise ,I may fall,,

I may make it feel everywhere flawed,

I may disappoint myself,

And all of it may not be of any help,

But, Whether I will rise or fall,

For sure I will be telling myself,

I followed whatever my soul has called for,,

©Sanjay Ranout

In the shadows of past

In the shadows of past,

Everything is fading away,

Fallen leaves of hope and dreams,

Driving the Life in this autumn season,

All these leaves are getting dried,

And one day they will dissolve in the soil,

But till then they will continue reminding me of them,

Their existence won’t be over till then,

Going through these harsh winters,

Seeing those nude branches around,

They will make things worse,

And memories of flowering dreams will refresh,

And that will only add to agonies,

Untill shadows of past will cease to exist,,

©Sanjay Ranout

Again and Again

Holding myself once again,

To check for her if she came online,

Despite of knowing it already,

Still heart want to make another try,

Sometimes it settles down in few attempts,

Sometimes it continue for hours trying every minute,

Building a castle of glass ,

Cemented with almighty hope,

And then feeling of getting dashed down everything,

Hurting itself when it ends up in nothing,

And yet again repeating the same next day,

Building and breaking endlessly again and again,

Sometimes I think how amazing the heart is,

How much important every feeling is,

How everything else just become worthless,

How it become the only important thing,

Is it same with everyone,

Or I m the only one, insane,

Whatever , whatever,,,,

With all dreams and their pain,

It just never want to give up,

And keep trying again and again,

Endlessly, insanely, illogically,,,

Repeating it everyday ,

Again and again,,,,

© Sanjay Ranout

When it’s so plain,,,

Who will stay and who has left,

What is gone and what’s still in hold,

What has finished and what is yet to start,

So many questions keep on surface,

When life has gone widespread so plain,

And all we can see ,the mounds and hounds of rising questionnaire,

Overcasting our minds with dark clouds,

Filled with confusions about what it holds,

And then Temptation of human minds to take negative sides,

Making us live fearful lives,

It’s okay when going through rough rides,

Easy to accept some high tides,

But going through plains,

How we go on paint these illusive mountains,,

And take sufferings of climbing those invisible heights above terrain,,,

©Sanjay Ranout

If we learn how to control our thoughts and emotions, I wonder if that will be evolution towards a better human race or that will too insensitive to be a human