Questions for reasons

This time, these moments,,,

And all these thoughts with their torments,,

As much i try to find the reason,

And it go on and on with it’s teasing,

We propose something,

Dreams about it everything,

And then we get into some different inn,,

And we feel, oh! here its much suffocating,,

Doors and windows have no opening,,

So , Is living in it is only option??,

Like all dreams have been stolen,,,

And getting stuck here bringing more desperation,,,

When will we get out of this unwanted abode,

And start the search for our stolen dreams ,,

Are we loosing with every minute being here,,

Will we find them after getting out of here,,

This moment, this life,,,

Questions a lot to mine,,

And in this turmoil of finding reasons,

I have already wasted so many seasons,,,,

©Sanjay Ranout


Stubborn Feelings

Rise or fall,,,

Sometimes it’s big ,other time it seems so small,,,,

Every feeling has its own cycle,.

It come, bloom and then depart,,,

But then, not every feeling is same,,,

Some has normal effects and some drive us much insane,,,

Some leaves with no side effects,,

But some being stubborn, keeping their footprints always intact,,,

Playing with our mind every other day,,,

Reminding us those marks will permanently stay,,,

Maybe those feelings drive us life to wherever it leads to,,,

We accept it or deny,

They somehow become reason of every change we get transformed to,,,,,,

©Sanjay Ranout

Disturbia insidious milieu

Dead end or new beginning,Enough for this life or just another inning,Hard to decipher this Gusty thing,It’s pleasure or pain ,,quite confused feeling,,,Let’s sort out this mysterious code,,Leaving behind forever those deceived hopes,Or tired of clinging to those illusive sops,,When does it all started!!When does it become obsession,When does it took over mind,And there was enough happening behind,,Is it addiction or a habit,,It has grown bigger in this Gambit,,Is it the end or beginning,,Ultimately it has started stinging,,Ready to give it up and loose everything,Still ruling my mind like evergrowing king,,,,©Sanjay Ranout

Thanks,, Thanks,,once started it never stops,,,

Thanks thanks ……… everywhere people yell it,

So i wonder why people continue to recite after once you like it ,

Is it happiness for appreciation,

Or just a formal reaction,

Is it reason to express themselves more and more,

Or it it because they have much in their store,

Is it fuel for all the motivation,

Or is it because as it adds positivity to their emotions,,

Whatever the reason everybody feel for it,

It’s Helping somehow to let the feelings come out,

Different thoughts, amazing feelings,,,

And wonderful ways for their truthful expressions,

This is how world of thoughts keep evolving,

And we get to know people in real every morning,,,,,

©Sanjay Ranout

Yearnings of Unfollowers

In this tussle of following own heart,,,,,,

Sometimes,,,,, ,

We unfollow what everybody talks,

Discard what’s established as right,

Disregard what is considered as light for life,,,,,,


With evolution of new thoughts and ideas,

Our Own instincts become better criteria,

We decide to live in our own way,

Doing all those things we like no matter what others say,

We feel that’s the real freedom in true means,

Like we have grown up wings to fly what ever we dream,

It seems like a perfect life scene,,

But ,,,
Then why we seek followers in upstream,

We feel grateful to everyone who follow our dream,

Yearning that everyday those numbers should increase,

Why is it so?

Is it because we want world to follow us?

Or do we feel lonely in this fuss?

Or we feel ourselves better that others at this subject?…….

Whatever the reason maybe,

Isn’t It strange to see ourself different at one side,

And then not accepting the different world at other side,,,

©Sanjay Ranout

What is life???

What is life!!

So often it change its meanings,

When things are going pretty,

It feels like flowers blossoming in it’s glory,

When things falls into places perfectly,

It feels like red carpet walk to Merry,

When it offers what we exactly wishes for,

It feels like we are on some heaven tour,,

But then it not same always,

It doesn’t take time to shift all of it’s gears,

And all of sudden we find ourselves in some different land,

Where everything is different than what we have planned,

All those glories and heavenly walks,

Gets extinct in just a matter of few hours,

All those perfectly placed things ,

Fall apart in totally jumbled state,

Like they were never pieces of a single state,,

So how can one tell what is life actually,

It take different shapes eventually,

And thus the sufferings overshadows good time memories,,

As feelings takes time to adjust to these changes,,

Thus we take happiness after bad times with so much doubts and fears,,

And bad times after happiness are so tough to bear,,

Life is so difficult to understand,

like, Happy or sad, both times walk on holding hand in hand,,

© Sanjay Ranout

Contractions with age

It’s strange but it is as happened,

Once I used to feel good among people,

Finding it joyous listening to their tales,

Taking it wiser to discuss every detail,

And then trying so hard to convince everyone about my says,,

And then feeling great when everyone accept as mine the best among everyone’s ways,

When I think why it’s not same now a days,

Why now I stopped doing all those things,

Why now it feels foolish to even think like those days,

Maybe I was unaware what I really want or like,,

Or maybe i have changed with time and things that happened in my life,

But whatever the reason maybe,

I see myself contradicting to that age,

,©Sanjay Ranout