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Following callings of heart,,,

Despite of all those hindrances,

I never looked back,

Despite of all those set backs,

I never regret even at a single instance,

Despite of all those objections,

I never doubted about my heart’s stand,

Despite of all those negative enforcers,

I never let my optimism die,

Despite of all those frustrating moments,

I never doubted the direction i set onto,,

And now there is no reason for all those despites to exist,

And there is no more tussle my conscious is involved in,

Still I never supress my emotions and feelings,

Still I don’t have regrets for all those times of despites,

Still i follow my heart,

Still i allow it to beat harder and harder,

Still i want to follow it’s regime,

Still i want to get lost in its drive,

Still i never oppose it,

Yet always love to resign at its behest,,

©Sanjay Ranout

5 responses to “Following callings of heart,,,”

  1. Beautiful and inspiring post shared

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  2. Nice! It’s good to hear someone, who still follows his own course. Best regards!

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