Callings to fall for,,,

Roaming in the wild,

Looking far at capacity of my sight,

Exposing everything as nothing is left to hide,

Loving every moment with joy filled eyes,

Living each moment with full sense of life,

And in that recurrent breeze I just want to fly high,

Sound of falling waters comforting ears,

Sight of mountains giving pleasure to eyes,

For such moments my heart just fall and keep falling,

That’s what it want my soul keeps on calling,,,

©Sanjay Ranout

Nature and it’s plays

It came with Gusty blows,

Threatened everyone it surround,

It scared with thunders,

Put people’s life in rumble,

Some left their homes,

Some da\nred to face it like a stone,

And then it changed its course,

Maybe it lost control on its own force,

Maybe dare of braves threatened it’s arrogance,

And normalized the moments that were getting intense,

Now those Gusty winds are feeling pleasant,

Everyone is happy for it’s advent,,

How the things change their impression,

It’s always good to live with some passion,,

Love for nature

When i think how awesome it feel,
As my Love for nature is not new,
It is so open around everywhere,
And to watch its beauty, there is no queue,,,
It displays same beauty to everyone who see it,
If you are rich or poor, it doesn’t matter to it ,
These flowing clouds over hills,
And changing directions with winds,,
These striking thunders and lightnings,
Giving brighter glimpses even in dark nights,,
These lush green valleys and fast flowing rivers,
Sending their noises upto top of hills,
There are no different queues to watch this amazing show,
Just let your heart feel these pleasant winds’ flow,,
I just want to sit here and keep watching,
It shouldn’t cease with days passing,
But it is again getting clear,
Like Clouds are scattering out of some fear,
May be Sun wants to come out,
Thus fighting with clouds a beautiful bout,
May be sun wins this time ,
But i know clouds wil return again,
And this is how nature changes its colours,
And soon moon wil be out with sparkling stars as background cover,
Its not all about eyes to feel this amazing,
It needs a love for nature to feel this feeling,
And I feel lucky to have such weaning,,,,

© Sanjay Ranout