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Life’s Skepticism

It started with the spring,

Then veered backward to falls,

Shattering dreams with falling leaves,

Then it turned towards stinging winters,

Fallen leaves turning into soil,

Making their existence Fading away with the time,

Taking away along all the hope in line,

Now from nowhere,

They took birth inside those covered layers

And i can see those niping buds,

Though i already accepted those shoved trunks,

Should I be angry or sad!

When i have already started a new life

I think ,

What if i have not given up for little more,

I should have waited some more ,

In the end ,

If i look at years i have waited for,

I just missed it by a brisk,

Now, All i can do is,

Just smile for the fact,

It has got new life after dead,

Sceptical is what the nature of life,

As it travels some unpredictable miles,,

© Sanjay Ranout

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