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Lifeless Life

Am I still Alive?

Limbs are moving fine,

Vitals too reporting normal signs,

I can feel air am breathing

I can feel my heart is beating ,

Still can’t see any signs of life,

Nothing seems really exciting ,

Every interest last for a short time,

Every insight of dreaming has faded away,

Life has lost its direction to grey,

Now even intuitions have started contradicting,

Making every verse more conflicting,

In the midst of this chaos,

I chose to remain idle across,

But questions about life are always alive,

With no actions to impart some peace,

I often encounter this question at crease,

Am I still alive,,

Or its lifelessness while still alive

© Sanjay Ranout


2 responses to “Lifeless Life”

  1. Thats nice. I hope you are going well with your life .

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