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Darker Roads

In this never ending dark night

Nothing I can see

Being Lost and confused

Every path seems unclear

Walking through this for so long

Started loosing sense of direction

Compass too have failed

A moon brought moonlight

Showing up after big intervals for a while

And then getting veiled

Behind dark clouds

No matter if it’s raining

Or clear sky

It never shows up when requires

Falling over wines

Getting hit by ground

Maybe it’s to keep me grounded

Getting stuck in mud

Loosing ground in swamps

Maybe it’s to keep me down

Walking all blind

Even with good eyes

Maybe it’s to improve my sight

This journey has no end

As it’s complete dark

Direction less place

A black hole or a hole in black

I have no idea of this track

Moving or still

Even I have lost this sense

©Sanjay Ranout


4 responses to “Darker Roads”

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