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Best judgement lies with us

It starts with a self creation exposed to the world,

With mind blowing thoughts of getting applause,

Daydreaming about it to be considered as best,

And start feeling wonderful before that come to their behest,

And then few of them liked it,

With beautiful comments of praise and appreciation,

And few of them disregarded it,.

With some criticism and exploration of faults in its creation,

Oh! What has happened!

Everything suddenly starts feeling so bad,

And joyous heart suddenly become sad,

Thoughts starts pouring in and out,

Sharing it with world was biggest mistake,

Is it so bad ?

What has really made them to hate,

Thus world isn’t fair ,

It’s so bad to be here,,

That’s how we ignore good things,

Shifting focus on even if one bad thing come in,

We ignore there are still people who like us,

Why we need authentication of everyone,

Truth is one only we knows best about ourselves,

No-one can know us better than ourselves,

Be yourself with confidence and care free about people’s perceptions

You are unique and so is your creation,

Then why other should hold the key to our happiness or sadness ?

When best judgement lies only with us !!!

© Sanjay Ranout


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