What are you made of????

When I think what actually make us,

As we evolve wherever our thoughts take us,

What’s the reason for this transformation,

How we get moved only to particular information,

Well, when time test us,

When life really feel like mess,

When we feel like somewhere we are stuck,

When our feelings, feel like got deject,

When we feel we have become an unimportant guest,

And our existence doesn’t matter to what we have devoted our every breath,

And there always exist a gloomy haze whenever we look ahead,

It means we are under some real test,

As I learn from all these phases of life,

Passing or failure isn’t required out of this fight,

Sometimes it means to test our faith,

Sometimes it means to transform our present state,

Sometimes it push us in some illusions,

When we err to understand it’s actual reasons,

But it doesn’t leave us with our misunderstood meanings,

It repeat such tests again and again,

Untill we get ourselves with it in same frame,

Sometimes it lead us to leave what we were thinking as our own,

Clearing all those presumptions which were forming illusions,

Sometimes it strengthen our hold with stronger faith,

Satisfying itself for our determined undoubted basis of our state,

Till now this is what I have understood,

And it will keep transforming and testing for something better and good,,,,

©Sanjay Ranout

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