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Callous? Really?

Once again it has finally ended,

And now journey back to other world started,

This time it was filled with shocking surprises,

Calling for emotions to wake up and run high,

Some expect anxiety over my face,

Some expect few tears would be also nice,

There I stayed with calm exterior looks,

Battled out most as usual in my interiors,

And then it spread out dejected expressions ,

Every face shouts silently my changed behavior,

Callous or insensitive,

Whatever it effects, still faces all over,
Expressing ,it wasn’t what they expecting,

Well, how to change those looks,

Meet expectations of what different times expect,

Does those made up looks really required?,

Or those expectations are okay to be ignored,

And living with “Callous” tag can be gracefully bestowed,,

©Sanjay Ranout


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