When life sucks,,,

When there is lot of noise outside,
And we try to keep silence for a while,
Then we start feeling disturbance inside,
And it become like a war with time,,

It is possible to hide anything on face,
But inside it turns into a bigger case,
As much we go on pretending,

Peace of mind gets disturbing,
Irritation make things more difficult,
Behavior start getting to worse,
And then it burst upon and spill the poison,
Only on someone closest to our heart’s kingdom,

Best relationship take the damage,
For no reason it eats up like savage,
Hurting someone in this who only understand us,
Become the biggest disaster to forever haunt us,

When i think the exact cause of this mess,
Loosing the peace of mind is the real fact,
Nothing is wrong to keep it safe,
Lets not loose it, to save the bigger loss,

© Sanjay Ranout

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